About campaign

The campaign is dedicated to couples already living in partnerships, yet still lack formal and legal recognition.

The campaign is aimed at two groups and it has to fulfil two tasks:

  • To encourage public debate against treating people living in partnerships as strangers.
  • To introduce the excerpt from life of two women or two men to the people to whom that kind of relationships seem to be a bit confusing. It might be anything from mornings spent together, stroll in the park, scenes of jealousy to celebrating relationship anniversary and holidays with family and friends. Perhaps these moments will seem familiar to those sceptical ones and manage to fit into the world they know.

The impulse to speak out and express support is a 90 second spot showing a day in the life of a young woman - we see her awakening, sensitive look into the camera, moments of joy and sadness, quarrels and reconciliation. These scenes, watched from the perspective of the relative, reflect the closeness and tenderness between a loving couple: at home, on a walk, in prayer.

Intimacy and warmth shown in the image contrasts with verbal narration: I wake up with the stranger ... I laugh with the stranger … I celebrate the anniversary of our relationship with the stranger. Why with the stranger? Because in the eyes of Polish law people living in partnerships are entirely strangers to each other.

The film, distributed in social media, will reach hundreds of thousands of users. Examples of public figures supporting our campaign will encourage them to create their own website galleries and sign the guest book. All this, combined with the media reaction, will show us, the citizens of our country as well as decision-makers, how great is the need to introduce the civil partnerships in Poland.

Hundreds of thousands of heterosexual couples...

...which have the right to marry do not decide to take this step and want a new solution in the legal system - an partnerships institution, which would authorize their life together. Hundreds of thousands of same-sex couples that build live together, take responsibility for each other, is waiting for the institution of partnerships, which will provide legal recognition of their cohabitation. KPH research conducted in 2012 shows that nearly 50% of LGBT people are in relationships, of which over 40% are in relationships lasting longer than three years. Moreover 87% of LGB would formalise their relationship, if they had the chance.

Public figures supporting our campaign are: Kamilla Baar, Agnieszka Graff, Tomasz Iwan, Kora, Władysław Kowalski, Andrzej Mleczko, Katarzyna Nosowska, Maja Ostaszewska, Kamil Sipowicz, Natalia Siwiec, Maciej Stuhr, Kazimiera Szczuka, Dorota Wellman, Dorota Zawadzka, Mirosław Zbrojewicz and Jacek Żakowski.

Social campaign was carried out by the KPH funds including: 1% of tax passed to KPH by donors in 2013, donations from individuals transferred to our bank account or via PolakPotrafi crowd-funding portal and Council of Europe LGBT “Raising awareness and public support for LGBT rights" project. All people and institutions that contributed to the creation of the campaign - Thank You!