About civil partnerships

A bit of history...

The origins of action to implement civil partnership into the Polish legal system dates back to 2003. This is not, contrary to the opinions voiced by some politicians, the new issue. It was firstly presented to the Parliament thanks to the initiative of Senator Maria Szyszkowska. Her bill on registration of civil partnerships was approved by the Senate, but till the end of the parliamentary term it was handled by Sejm. To this day, despite a number of bills, citizens' initiatives and numerous declarations on the part of the ruling coalition in Poland, no legal regulations related to same-sex couples relationships has been introduced.

Over the past 10 years, the topic of civil partnerships has repeatedly returned in the media and political debates. Plenary voting on bills aiming to regulate the rights of unmarried couples in January 2013 and the preceding discussion revealed the level of ignorance, prejudice and aggression of the parliamentarians. Parliament decided not to allow voting on projects.

KPH research on the social situation of LGBT people...

...indicates that more than 50% of LGBT people are in relationships and 87% of them would be willing to conclude a formal partnership, if there was a legal possibility.

To this day, these couples are deprived of basic rights, such as joint settlement, the right to information about the health of the unconscious partner, the right to refuse to testify, inheritance or even the right to burial. What's more, they are devoid of respect and their existence is not recognized in the eyes of the law and society. LGBT people cannot celebrate with their parents, family and friends getting married in accordance with the law. This symbolic way of declaring your love and devotion, taking responsibility for another person and starting a new life is reserved for heterosexuals. It violates fundamental rights of equality and social justice.